While researching the entry Can I see God, I read that people who do not believe in God are also shown significant true dreams, such as the cup bearer and the baker for the King of Egypt who were in prison with Joseph, one saw himself pressing wine, and the other saw himself carrying bread on his head of which birds were eating, and the Pharaoh who saw seven fat cows and seven lean cows (Genesis 40:5-41:20) (Quran 12:37-44). So someone who believes in God should see true dreams too.

Last night I dreamt that I was descending a steep eroded dirt cliff down toward the beach, and on reaching the bottom I saw a enclave in the cliff wall on my left in which there was a small 12 inch pool or bowl of water above waist level that had some coins at the bottom covered in slime. It seemed people may have thrown them in like they do in a wishing well or a fountain.

I started taking the coins out with my right hand and rubbing them with my thumb to get the slime and dirt off to see what they were, and putting them in my pocket. I briefly wondered whether I should be taking them or leave them where they were, but then figured somebody else would take them anyway if they found them.

Afterward as I was walking along the beach back toward the city, I was trying to figure out how much money was in my pocket. I remembered there had been at least 5 quarters, 5 or 6 dimes, at least 1 nickel and 4 or 5 pennies. For some reason I was figuring 5 dimes made a dollar, so the amount in my pocket was at least $2.54 or $2.64. Not enough money to buy anything.

Today when I was taking my boss’s dog for a walk at lunch time, she stopped at a sitting area next to the street where people sit down to have lunch or smoke a cigarette, because yesterday someone had thrown a few chicken bones around the area and the dog had searched for them and eaten them. She could still smell them and wanted to see if there were any more left.

As soon as I got there, I saw all these coins that had fallen out of someone’s pocket while he was sitting there having lunch or smoking a cigarette, and I instantly remembered my dream from last night.

So I picked up the coins and put them in the coin pocket of my jeans as proof of my true dream.

Normally I don’t carry any coins or any cash with me. I pay for everything with my debit card. So I never have any coins or cash with me.

Upon getting back from the walk, I arranged them on a table and took a picture of them for my record. Then I looked at the picture on my computer to see how much they were. They came out to $2.55.


Of course I didn’t find them in a fountain or a pool, and they are not covered in slime and dirt. Many of them are brand new and shiny. Also they are not the same number of coins as in the dream. There are 9 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels and 5 pennies. But the total amount is almost the same.

I was going to bring the coins home in a plastic bag and keep them as a proof of my first true dream. But unlike in the dream, I didn’t want to keep someone else’s money, so I decided to keep them at the office and to return them to the owner if I find him, and maybe take a picture with him, to keep as a record of my first true dream.