The first means toward worship of God is the right knowledge and firm faith in a Living God, and the recognition and realization of His beauty and goodness, because beauty and goodness are the two incentives to love.


All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. (1:2)

The second means is prayer. Man can reach God only with Divine help and assistance.


And your Lord says: ‘Pray unto Me; I will answer your prayer’. (40:61)

The third means is striving in God’s path.

Striving means seeking God by spending one’s money and time, and applying one’s faculties, and sacrificing one’s life, as well as using one’s knowledge and wisdom in the cause of God.


Go forth, light and heavy, and strive with your property and your persons in the cause of Allah. That is better for you, if only you knew. (9:41)


And as for those who strive in Our path – We will surely guide them in Our ways. And verily, Allah is with those who do good. (29:70)

Man has to work hard to attain to God, to suffer physical mental and monetary sacrifice in order to achieve this goal.


Verily, thou, O man, art toiling on towards thy Lord, a hard toiling; then thou wilt meet Him. (84:7)

The fourth means is perseverance.


As for those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah,’ and then remain steadfast, the angels descend on them, saying: ‘Fear ye not, nor grieve; and receive glad tidings of the Garden which you were promised.’ (41:31)

The fifth means is to keep company with the righteous and to imitate their example. The easiest example to imitate is that of Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him).


O ye who believe! fear Allah and be with the truthful. (9:119)

The sixth means is pure dreams, visions and revelations from God. As the road which leads to God is very mysterious and intricate and is full of difficulties and dangers, the spiritual wayfarer may depart from the right course or despair of attaining the goal. The grace of God, therefore, continues to encourage and strengthen him in his spiritual journey with inspiring visions and revelations, and animates him with a still more zealous desire to pursue his journey eagerly.


Behold! the friends of Allah shall certainly have no fear, nor shall they grieve – Those who believed and kept to righteousness – For them are glad tidings in the present life and also in the Hereafter – there is no changing the words of Allah – that indeed is the supreme triumph. (10:63-65)


And give glad tidings to those who believe and do good works, that for them are gardens beneath which flow streams. (2:26)