In the Holy Quran it says:


Those who look not for the meeting with Us and are content with the life of this world and feel at rest therewith, and those who are heedless of Our Signs – It is these whose abode is Fire, because of what they earned. (10:8,9)


As for those who do not believe in the Signs of Allah, surely Allah will not guide them, and they shall have a grievous punishment. (16:105)


As to those who believe not in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds appear beautiful to them, so they are wandering blindly. (27:5)


And whosoever will turn away from My remembrance, his will be a straitened life, and on the Day of Resurrection We shall raise him up blind. (20:125)

A person who consigns God to oblivion in this life, and leads a life which obstructs or impedes his spiritual development and growth, and thus deprives himself of heavenly light, will be born blind at the time of his second birth in the after life.

This will be because his soul in this life (which serves as a body for the much more spiritually developed soul in the next world) had become blind on account of his having led a sinful and depraved life in this world.


But whoso is blind in this world will be blind in the Hereafter, and even more astray from the way. (17:73)